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JCHE is a Christian support group only, providing various activities, educational opportunities, and resources for its members.

JCHE does not counsel nor is it responsible for how its member families carry out their schooling, what curriculum used, keeping records, testing, or any legality connected to homeschooling. Nothing we state or print constitutes legal advice.

We require all members attending any group sponsored event to accept responsibility for their family members. Board members, other group members, leaders, or activity organizers are not responsible or liable for injury to themselves or their children (including but not restricted to coronavirus, influenza, or other infectious diseases; lost or stolen items; behaviors, injuries, or breakages, etc.). Parents are expected to directly supervise their children at all times. Membership in JCHE constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer.

JCHE may require other information or dues before approving web site membership.


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Pay via PayPal or if you prefer, mail a check to JCHE - PO Box 105995 Jefferson City, MO 65110.  Make checks payable to JCHE in the amount of $50.00 for your yearly membership dues. Yearly membership dues are from July 1 - June 30.

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